If you are not married to the other parent of your child, each party’s parenting roles will need to be defined by the Court.   Even when both parties agree as to the paternity of the child, custody rights are not automatic for either parent.  Unfortunately, that often results in one parent keeping the child away from the other parent.


In these challenging cases, you need to file a paternity action to establish each parent’s parenting roles and ensure that neither parent can exclude the other from the child’s life. This can be an ordeal if feelings are negative or if there is a question as to the identity of the biological father.

The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC is available to start your paternity action. We file motions and also arrange for DNA tests when paternity is in dispute. Once paternity is established, we work on establishing custody arrangements and support that best meet the needs of the child.

This is not a development to face on your own and you need skilled legal representation. Contact The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC today to schedule your free consultation. We are based in St. Charles, Missouri and serve all of St. Charles County, Missouri.

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