Mediation is a dispute resolution process that helps couples come to an agreement while preserving relationships. It is effective and often less stress and hassle on everyone involved, especially children.


The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC offers mediation services for family law attorneys and their clients and also for people looking for an alternative to traditional contentious nature of divorce and child custody cases. This works best for people who already have an amicable relationship and it focuses on mutual understanding rather than disagreement. When successful, it saves both parties the cost of attorney fees and further court action.  It can also lead to final Judgments that are more acceptable to both parties and, therefore, more likely to be followed, which reduces future litigation needs.

As a mediator, Angelyn P. Mitchell starts with identifying the tough issues and guiding parties through a discussion. In many cases, the parties start to see things through the other person’s eyes and they find a mutually beneficial solution. This is better for families and supports a good outlook for the future.

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