Family Law

If you need a supportive and knowledgeable attorney for your family law matter, The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC is here for you. Attorney Angelyn P. Mitchell has represented clients struggling with divorce, parenting plans, and modifying previous family law orders for eleven years and she is ready to help you too.

Family Law

Our firm focuses on giving you the guidance necessary so you make good decisions even when you find your ordeal heart rendering. There are few family law matters that have not come through our firm. Common cases include:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Child support
  • Paternity

Because we provide guardian ad litem services, we are very knowledgeable about all issues regarding children and custody.  We can help you find the right services, solutions, and future custody arrangements to meet the best interests of your children.

We also offer mediation services. If you and your spouse prefer a collaborative approach to divorce or child custody matter, we can discuss the possibility of mediation as a way to resolve your matter. When couples can successfully mediate their divorce and/or child custody agreements, they can often find solutions that are best tailored to fit their unique family needs.

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