The most important issue arising in divorce is the custody of children. While weighed in the child’s best interest, no parent should face reduced parenting time or lose rights because the custody decision was unjust and based on bad assumptions. The way to avoid this scenario is with skilled legal representation.


You will find that with Angelyn P. Mitchell at The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC. We spend time understanding your situation so we can discuss your options and make a plan to maximize time with your children. If one parent is unfit, we take appropriate action to assure your children’s safety too.

We handle all custody and visitation matters including:

  • Primary or joint custody arrangements;
  • Parenting time and visitation rights;
  • Family access motions;
  • Grandparent visitation;
  • Modification of custody or parenting time orders;
  • Enforcement of orders; and
  • Decisions regarding the upbringing of children, including education and religion.

The impacts of a poor custody outcome are devastating. Contact The Mitchell Law Firm, LLC to schedule your free consultation. Our office is based in St. Charles, Missouri and serves all of St. Charles County, Missouri.

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