Category: Mediation

How will property be split in a divorce case?

When parties divorce, their marital property must be divided “equitably.”  (Note that the law does not require an equal division, although the property often is divided equally.)  Often, the parties, with the help of their attorneys, can resolve the division of property issues without help from the Judge.  However, that is not always the case. [..]

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Where will my children spend their holidays now that their other parent and I are no longer together?

Just as you now divide your child’s regular weekday and weekend time, you will now need to divide your holiday time with your child.  Most typically, this is done using a Holiday Group A/Holiday Group B plan that will rotate each year and divide all of the major holidays.  However, some people prefer to design [..]

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When should I mediate?

Mediation is a process in which two parties sit down with a third party to resolve their legal issues. Mediators in the State of Missouri can be attorneys or trained counselors, both with additional training in mediation. Courts will often order parties who have unresolved custody issues to attend mediation prior to setting the matter [..]

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