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What are the benefits of using a co-parenting app?

Many co-parents now use an online app to aid in communication regarding their minor children.  There are several available, including, but not limited to, Our Family Wizard, Talking Parents, AppClose, and 2houses.  Some of these are free, while others have an annual fee.  Typically the fee is around $99 to $120 per year per user.  [..]

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Where will my children spend their holidays now that their other parent and I are no longer together?

Just as you now divide your child’s regular weekday and weekend time, you will now need to divide your holiday time with your child.  Most typically, this is done using a Holiday Group A/Holiday Group B plan that will rotate each year and divide all of the major holidays.  However, some people prefer to design [..]

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Now that I have a custody order, how do I successfully co-parent?

Attempting to co-parent children with a person that you are no longer romantically involved with can be incredibly challenging.  Some people actually manage to be friends after a divorce or separation, but those people are rare.  Typically, there are a lot of bitter feelings left on one or both sides that prohibit this. To co-parent [..]

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