Change in Child Custody Laws

There has recently been a lot of hype in the media regarding recent revisions to the child custody laws in the State of Missouri.  The common misconception is that it creates a presumption that a 50/50 custody arrangement is in the best interests of a child.  Actually, an initial proposal included language of that nature. [..]

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When should I mediate?

Mediation is a process in which two parties sit down with a third party to resolve their legal issues. Mediators in the State of Missouri can be attorneys or trained counselors, both with additional training in mediation. Courts will often order parties who have unresolved custody issues to attend mediation prior to setting the matter [..]

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Issues in a Divorce Case

There are a few main categories of issues that we have to tackle in a divorce case. Namely, those are division of property and debt, maintenance, child custody, child support, and attorneys’ fees. Not every issue will apply in every case. If there are no minor children involved, that will, obviously, eliminate child custody and [..]

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